• UV emitting HID lamp (DUV)

    UV emitting HID lamp (DUV) for medical treatment and therapy, leak detection, nondestructive testing (NDT) forensics applications.
    Please also note our other lamps for medical, microscopy, analyses applications.

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  • Dear customer

    In order to ensure effective and safe digital communication please be careful with the spelling of our vosla e-mail addresses, especially when replying to e-mails. The vosla e-mail-addresses always end with @vosla.com .

    Please note: We do not have a bank account outside Germany and will not inquire our customers to wire payments to foreign banks.
    When in doubt please give us a call: +49 3741 396 700.

  • Perfect lighting for perfect vehicles

    More than 100 different automotive lamps are part of our product portfolio.

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  • vosla delivers only best brand quality

    Among the most important product features, an energy consumption of only 5,5 watt comes along with the almost comparable light output, dimensions and light emission.

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  • Ideal airfield lighting

    In dark or low lighting conditions, perfect airfield lighting is crucial for the safe usage of taxiway and runway.

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  • Better lighting in favor of health and quality of life

    In laboratories and hospitals illumination plays an essential role. Lighting solutions with the quality seal “Made in Germany” stand for excellent quality and long lifetime.

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  • Lighting along the rail

    Ensuring railway safety requires the highest level of reliability. We are one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of railway bulbs.

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German Precision Lighting

For over 70 years our motivation has been the perfection of light. Our products and innovations are tailor-made for challenging applications. We are proud of our precision, grown from our craftmanship and quality dedication. In short, what we offer is “German Precision”.

spezial lamps made in Germany
since 1948

This is how precision lighting is created

Insights into the manufacturing process

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EXACTON – the vosla-magazine

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