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Ideal airfield lighting

Perfect illumination of the taxiways, runways and landing strips on the airfield is not only fundamental in darkness or poor lighting conditions; the lighting must also be convincing in daylight and sunlight. Only optimally coordinated airfield lighting enables safe takeoff and landing maneuvers. The lighting marks the decisive areas with appropriate obstruction lights.

The integrated lamps must be shockproof and resistant to aircraft vibrations. At the same time, special safety requirements call for a durable and uniform light output. We rank among the world’s leading manufacturers in airfield lighting with our NARVA Brand meeting all necessary criteria for smooth air transport.

In the field of airfield lighting, we are one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. Our product range covers all AGL applications. From approach and threshold lights over taxiway and runway lights to obstruction lights, our NARVA lamps provide safety on the runway.

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Halogen lamps on the airfield

Halogenlampe Airfield mit Reflektor

Why do we stick to it?

We are convinced that the proven halogen technology will continue to be a competitive solution for airfield lighting in the future. The standardized halogen light sources are available in high quality worldwide. With its worldwide network of distributors and its certified production site in Germany, vosla GmbH stands for the fact that this will remain so in the future.

Not for all airports an investment in a conversion to LED technology is manageable or still linked to safety concerns. Especially for smaller airports, halogen lamps offer a good price-performance ratio with low service costs. We as vosla would like to provide an option for all those who are not yet or only partially planning a conversion to LED technology.

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