medicine technology

Better lighting in favor of health and quality of life

In laboratories and hospitals illumination plays an essential role. It helps to promote the well-being of people. Thus, we offer sustainable NARVA lighting solutions. The adequate illumination for medical devices for analysis and diagnosis contributes to exact results when it comes to blood analysis and medical check-ups. NARVA lamps support the quality of analysis and ensure excellent, constant light even of the smallest light fields.

We are the worldwide leader in producing halogen lamps for microscopes, lamps for operating rooms and other surgical lighting. Surgeons need perfect light sources to be able to do their job safely. Here, reliable and efficient surgical light is required.

Due to the high quality level and the high illuminance, our lamps are best suitable for microscopes, devices for medical analysis and surgical light. NARVA lamps meet strict regulations that apply to hospitals and medical facilities.

We are aware of our responsibility. You can trust our products.