We developed the ST50W out of the desire to offer an easy-to-use, easy-to-combine standard solution in the LED sector. Due to the small size, flexible mounting options and a strong luminosity in white as well as colored light, the standard strip is convincing in a wide range of applications.

The areas of application for this are diverse. In the area of industrial machines, additional lighting can be realized in a simple way, in the development of new products, the ST50W can be installed hidden and provide for great light design integrations. This was exactly our goal: standardized for easy adaptation and versatile for your product.

The specifications and possibilities of the ST50W open up great freedom in the design and creation of your lighting solution. Applications in automotive interiors as indirect lighting are just as conceivable as applications on industrial machinery as additional, clear LED light.

The ST50W is also ideally suited as boundary and safety lighting or as an ambient lighting solution.