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Airfield Lighting

Optical Illumination for Airfields

In darkness or low light conditions, the perfect illumination of taxiing, takeoff and landing runways at airfields is crucial.

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Medical Technology

Better Light for Health and Quality of Life

Light plays an important role in laboratories and clinics. Lighting solutions with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for excellent quality and durability.

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vosla provides only best brand quality.

In addition to an almost identical light, identical dimensions, identical appearance, identical all-around illumination and identical weight, the bulbs need only 5,5 watt energy.

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Automobile Lighting

Perfect Light for Perfect Cars

We have more than 100 different types of bulbs for the automotive sector: headlights, indicators, fog lights…

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Railway Signals

Light along the Tracks

Safeguarding rail transportation calls for a high degree of reliability. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway signal lamp bulbs.

Railway Signals

vosla GmbH at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

vosla puts more light on the road

drafted Wednesday, 17. August 2016, 13:36 Uhr

New coil design boosts the luminous efficiency of halogen headlights by up to 120 percent

vosla GmbH will be unveiling its new bulbs for halogen headlights, offering significantly greater luminous efficiency, at the Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt. The Plauen (Vogtland region/Germany) company will also be showing its bulbs for signaling lighting in vehicles, which now have greater resistance to vibration.

A special coil design and a modified filling gas for its new "Plus 120" series now enable vosla to put 120 percent more light on the road, in applications of special importance for road safety: motorists will, for example, be able to see pedestrians and road signs significantly better. vosla is integrating the new technology into its H7, HB3, HB4, H13 and 9007 series of halogen bulbs.

At the Automechanika vosla will in addition be showing - also for the first time - its new "Shockproof" range of signaling lamps for trucks and buses, featuring greater vibration resistance and thus extending illuminant service-life. vosla uses for these signaling lamps - installed in tail lights and blinkers, for example - an innovative coil material that achieves service-lives longer by up to 100 percent. The benefits for users: greater on-road safety, lower purchasing costs, quicker bulb changing.

Under its "vosla goes global" motto, this full-range supplier markets its German-developed and German-manufactured products with their - of course! - German quality standards around the world, and is continuously expanding its marketing and service network.

vosLED, one of the first "Edison bulbs" to feature LED filaments, brought this specialist in automotive lighting systems, special lamps and LED bulbs several internationally acclaimed design awards in 2014 and 2015. vosla also received the distinction of a "Special Mention" in the "Living" competition category from the German Design Council in the 2016 German Brand Award competition. The jury in this way acknowledged the company's impressive launch of the "vosla" brand.


vosla GmbH develops and manufactures highly innovative "Made in Germany" lighting solutions that meet the high standards of the international automotive industry, shipping, rail transport, aviation and medical technology. The basis is provided by more than 65 years of experience in the development and production of halogen bulbs. The company's technological capabilities and professional service assure customers of high-end product quality. The vosla GmbH range includes more than 500 special lamp types marketed under the NARVA brand and over 100 vosla brand automotive bulbs, both of them supplied to customers around the globe. A new addition is the vosLED product brand, incorporating innovative solutions based on LED technology.

All vosla departments, including Research & Development, mechanical design, glass processing, coil production, mixed-gas production and color coating are housed at the company's facilities in the Westend district of Plauen. vosla GmbH's comprehensive production capabilities and regional proximity to its suppliers (80 percent of them within a radius of 150 kilometers) give the company extreme time flexibility and make it the dependable partner for its customers.

vosla GmbH has around 350 employees, and a production capacity of more than 60 million bulbs annually. The company is certified in conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.