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We have more than 100 different types of bulbs for the automotive sector: headlights, indicators, fog lights…

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Safeguarding rail transportation calls for a high degree of reliability. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway signal lamp bulbs.

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In darkness or low light conditions, the perfect illumination of taxiing, takeoff and landing runways at airfields is crucial.

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Light plays an important role in laboratories and clinics. Lighting solutions with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for excellent quality and durability.

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vosla provides only best brand quality.

In addition to an almost identical light, identical dimensions, identical appearance, identical all-around illumination and identical weight, the bulbs need only 5,5 watt energy.

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New investor for vosla GmbH

New investor

Press Release 05/2017
vosla GmbH I 26.09.2017 I 1/2

New investor for vosla GmbH

Plauen, 26 September 2017. The restructuring of vosla GmbH is close to successful conclusion. The management has found an investor for the Plauen-based company. DI Kapital GmbH, an owner-managed German investment firm, will continue the company with the remaining 210 employees and implement the realignment of vosla GmbH. In addition, the vosla management has negotiated a restructuring wage agreement with the trade union for a period of six years. During the next three years, there will be no redundancies at the Plauen-based company.

Following a very intensive negotiating process with potential investors during the last few weeks and months, the vosla management has reached an agreement – approved by the creditor committee and the asset trustee, Dr. Dirk Herzig – with DI Kapital GmbH on the takeover of vosla GmbH. The parties agreed not to disclose the terms of the takeover. It is to be implemented as part of an insolvency plan, so that the participation of the new investor is still subject to the proviso that the insolvency plan is approved by the creditors and the court. This will also lay out the future focus of vosla GmbH. "In our view the realignment is the right step forward and will enable the company to become viable again. Now only the court and the creditors still have to agree to it. They have the final say," explains Dr. Stefan Weniger, vosla GmbH managing director. The insolvency plan will be submitted to the court at short notice. The employees were informed about the current development at an employee meeting today.

"We will be repositioning vosla as an innovative and holistic provider of lighting system solutions for automotive and industrial customers," report Jens Biermann and Andreas Rauh, both DI Kapital GmbH managing directors. The owner-managed investment firm focuses on medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries.

DI Kapital GmbH will support vosla’s re-alignment with the necessary capital and also operational and strategic know-how, backed by access to a worldwide contact network.

As a basis for the new positioning of vosla DI Kapital sees the existing product and production competence in halogen technology, which is to be rigorously enhanced and expanded.
Future plans include driving entry into other light technology fields (e.g. LEDString technology).

Besides looking for an investor, the two vosla managing directors, Dr. Michael Waubke and Dr. Stefan Weniger, have also successfully concluded negotiations with the trade union IG Metall on a restructuring wage agreement for a period of six years. Particularly pleasing for the 210 employees: there will be no redundancies over the next three years.

"With all these milestones that we have reached, it is full steam ahead. vosla GmbH’s course has been set for the future and the preconditions created for making vosla a long-term competitive player in the market again," says Dr. Waubke.

At the beginning of February 2017, vosla GmbH filed for insolvency proceedings under self-administration, because the company lacked the funding for the impending turnaround and was thus over-indebted. Insolvency proceedings were commenced on 1 April 2017 and the self-administration and the appointment of the asset trustee, Dr. Dirk Herzig from the law firm Schultze & Braun, confirmed. The need for the turnaround arises from the imminent loss of the main customer. Before being spun off five years ago, vosla was part of the Philips group. This move involved a five-year master agreement with a supply and purchase guarantee from Philips. That agreement expired in August 2017.

Unlike in standard insolvency proceedings, the management remains unchanged in insolvency proceedings under self-administration and continues to run the company. No insolvency administrator is appointed, the company is instead assigned a (temporary) asset trustee who accompanies and monitors the turnaround.

Press contact:
Kathleen Dräger, hww Unternehmensberater GmbH, Tel.: 030 206437-0, Email: kathleen.draeger@hww.eu