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Automobile Lighting

Perfect Light for Perfect Cars

We have more than 100 different types of bulbs for the automotive sector: headlights, indicators, fog lights…

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Railway Signals

Light along the Tracks

Safeguarding rail transportation calls for a high degree of reliability. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway signal lamp bulbs.

Railway Signals

Airfield Lighting

Optical Illumination for Airfields

In darkness or low light conditions, the perfect illumination of taxiing, takeoff and landing runways at airfields is crucial.

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Medical Technology

Better Light for Health and Quality of Life

Light plays an important role in laboratories and clinics. Lighting solutions with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for excellent quality and durability.

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vosla provides only best brand quality.

In addition to an almost identical light, identical dimensions, identical appearance, identical all-around illumination and identical weight, the bulbs need only 5,5 watt energy.

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NARVA, Philips, vosla – Three Trademarks, Three Eras

The History of vosla GmbH

Since the company was set up in 1948, the Plauen plant has been a byword for the high quality of its products and the innovative strength of its staff.

Milestones in the Company’s History

  • 1948 Foundation of the company under the name “VEB Glühlampenwerk Plauen”
  • 1957 Development and registration of the new brand name NARVA
  • 1963 Establishment of the NARVA trademark association 
  • 1966 Development and manufacture of the first quartz iodine bulbs for car headlights
  • 1968 Start of the era of halogen technology
  • 1974 - 87 Series production of halogen car headlights using quartz glass technology
  • 1982 - 87 Development of hard glass technology for H4 lamps
  • 1987 Production of the first miniature halogen bulbs in tempered glass 
  • 1990 Taken over by Philips and renamed “NARVA Glühlampenwerk Plauen GmbH”
  • 1991 - 97 Development into Philips Automotive Lighting Business Center Plauen
  • 1994 Launch of production of the "HB3/HB4" halogen bulb for North America and Asia
  • 1996 Relocation of marketing activities for all non-automotive lights to Plauen
  • 1998 Establishment of OEM sales office in Plauen; start of production of fog and HIR1 lights
  • 1999 Production of 9007 for the US market
  • 2002 - 03 Investment of €15 million in the expansion of production lines for 9006 PV, 2004 and H13
  • 2006 Reorientation of the plant towards the OEM and spare parts markets
  • 2007 Investment in the development of “H7” tempered glass production in Plauen
  • 2008 Merger of “NARVA Speziallampen GmbH Plauen” with Philips Technologie GmbH
  • 2012 Acquisiton by BAVARIA Industries Group AG and creation of vosla GmbH with two trademarks: vosla und NARVA
  • 2013 Premiere of the new developed LED filament bulb "vosLED"
  • 2013 Investment in single filament automotive production line
  • 2014 Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" and Federal Award "ecodesign" for the "vosLED"
  • 2014 Foundation of vosLED GmbH
  • 2015 A'Design Award "Gold"and German Design Award "Winner" for the vosLED
  • 2016 German Brand Award „Special Mention“ for the vosla Brand
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Did you know that vosla GmbH can already look back over 65 years of company history?