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Automobile Lighting

Perfect Light for Perfect Cars

We have more than 100 different types of bulbs for the automotive sector: headlights, indicators, fog lights…

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Railway Signals

Light along the Tracks

Safeguarding rail transportation calls for a high degree of reliability. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway signal lamp bulbs.

Railway Signals

Airfield Lighting

Optical Illumination for Airfields

In darkness or low light conditions, the perfect illumination of taxiing, takeoff and landing runways at airfields is crucial.

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Medical Technology

Better Light for Health and Quality of Life

Light plays an important role in laboratories and clinics. Lighting solutions with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for excellent quality and durability.

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vosla provides only best brand quality.

In addition to an almost identical light, identical dimensions, identical appearance, identical all-around illumination and identical weight, the bulbs need only 5,5 watt energy.

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Nearly 70 years of experience


Our great technological expertise is based on nearly 70 years of experience. We do not buy in these skills but have them in-house. In the production of conventional halogen lamps and bulbs we use high-tech equipment and the latest methods.

Hard glass technology and quartz glass technology are all part of our know-how. We have our own coil production facilities, a glass processing section and a filling gas plant, where we make halogen gases ourselves. In order to ensure a consistently high level of product quality, we employ the very latest technologies, above all in quality control.

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We use non-contact measurement technologies such as camera or light measurement to test our bulbs throughout the entire production process.


The bulbs are put through different tests such as geometric light measurement or a durability test, as well as through special testing as required. Our high-tech capabilities mean we are very well positioned for the global market.